AudioBox iTwo

双话筒输入2x2 USB/iOS音频接口

零售价1400元, 建议价1199元


USB 2.0总线供电的 PreSonus AudioBox®iTwo 音频接口提供了两个组合话筒和可切换的线路/乐器输入,并配有高性能的话筒前置放大器,因此您可以录制和声、吉他和任何可以用话筒捕捉到的东西,是移动音乐人、音效制作人和播客的首选。


USB 2.0总线供电的 PreSonus AudioBox®iTwo 音频接口提供了两个组合话筒和可切换的线路/乐器输入,并配有高性能的话筒前置放大器,因此您可以录制和声、吉他和任何可以用话筒捕捉到的东西,是移动音乐人、音效制作人和播客的首选。MIDI 输入输出能让您连接您最喜欢的合成器或 MIDI 控制器。设计紧凑、坚固耐用的 AudioBox iTwo 与 Mac®、Windows® PC 和 Apple iPad® 兼容,并内置了功能强大、易于使用的录制软件,是一个完整的、多平台的录制解决方案。

Mobile recording made easy.

The AudioBox iTwo audio interface and its software library make recording your compositions and tracks easy! Record in stereo on your iPad with free Capture™ Duo or record up to 32 tracks with affordable Capture for iPad. Then wirelessly beam your iPad tracks to our award-winning Studio One® recording and production software for Mac or Windows for editing and mixing. Or do the whole project on your laptop with Studio One. Either way, the AudioBox iTwo and its software library provide all the tools needed to record on the road and in the studio.

Loud and clear.

To record great-sounding music, you need outstanding preamps and digital converters. And to hear what you’re doing, you need a headphone amp that keeps up with the rest of the design. The AudioBox iTwo audio interface delivers it all! We’re famous for our award-winning microphone preamplifiers, and we’ve equipped the AudioBox iTwo with a new, sweet-sounding mic preamp that will capture your voice in all its glory. Clean, clear, 24-bit, 96 kHz digital converters and an ultra-loud, crystal-clear headphone output ensure you hear every detail.

Built to travel.

AudioBox iTwo is a mobile audio interface in the best sense of the term. It can sit on a tabletop or fit in the pocket of a backpack or laptop bag and works with standard iOS power accessories. Its metal chassis is built like a small tank—yet it weighs just 1.35 pounds (0.63 kg). Wherever your travels take you, whenever your creative muse calls, your AudioBox iTwo interface will be ready to help you compose and record your masterpiece. Check it out at your favorite PreSonus® dealer.

Make your own magic.

At PreSonus, we want to make sure that our audio interfaces come with everything you need to craft your own mesmerizing spells in the studio. That’s why we include Studio One Artist with every audio interface product we make. But here in Louisiana, we have a word: lagniappe. It means "a little something extra," and it’s in that spirit that we also include the Studio Magic Suite of software with our audio interface products.

The 2020 Studio Magic is a major step up from the 2019 edition, and includes Ableton Live Lite, tutorials from Melodics, 6 virtual instruments, and 9 effects plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats... all unlocked for use inside Studio One Artist with a retail value of over $1000 (US).




  • Windows 7 x64/x86 SP1, Windows 8 x64/x86 或更高

  • Intel Core Duo 处理器(推荐 Intel Core i3 或更高)

  • 4 GB RAM (推荐8 GB或更高)


  • Mac OS X 10.7.5或更高

  • Intel Core Duo 处理器(推荐Intel Core i3或更高)

  • 4 GB RAM (推荐8 GB或更高)

Windows 及 Mac 系统

  • USB 2.0 接口

  • 注册及下载内置软件所必要的互联网的接入

  • 推荐:内置或外置7200 RPM 储存驱动或更高

  • 显示器分辨率至少达到1280x800

Apple iPad

  • iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad (第四代), iPad mini, iPad (第三代), iPad 2

  • iOS 7.0.1 或更高



频率响应(±3dB):10 Hz至40 kHz


总谐波失真加噪声(未加权,1 kHz@+4 dBu输出,整体增益):<0.008%

信噪比(整体增益,参考.= +4 dBu,20 Hz至22 kHz):>95 dB

增益控制范围(±1 dB):0 dB至52 dB

最大输入电平(整体增益,1 kHz@0.5% 总谐波失真加噪声):+10 dBu

幻相电源(±2 直流电压):+48直流电压



输入抗阻:10 kΩ



输入抗阻:10 MΩ






最大输出:60 mW/ch. @60Ω 负载

频率响应(±1.0 dB):20 Hz 至 30 kHz




ADC动态范围(A加权,48kHz采样率):105 dB

DAC动态范围(A加权,48kHz采样率):105 dB


0 dBFS参考水平:±10 dBu




高度:1.71”(43.5 mm)

深度:5.31”(135 mm)

宽度:7.56”(192 mm)

重量:1.35磅(0.62 kg)



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