Central Station PLUS


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你需要能够在多台显示器之间切换,并听到你的混音在有或没有低音炮时听起来是什么样的。你希望能够在多个模拟和数字源之间进行切换。而且你需要在不牺牲清晰度和透明度的情况下做到这一点。那么请尝试 Cental Station PLUS,监听控制的专业之选。


你需要能够在多台显示器之间切换,并听到你的混音在有或没有低音炮时听起来是什么样的。你希望能够在多个模拟和数字源之间进行切换。而且你需要在不牺牲清晰度和透明度的情况下做到这一点。那么请尝试 Cental Station PLUS,监听控制的专业之选。

A variety of connections for all of your sources and destinations.

With Central Station, you can easily switch between three sets of stereo, analog input sources and one stereo digital input source. The digital inputs provide up to 24-bit, 192 kHz digital-to-analog conversion, and the converters deliver more than 115 dB of dynamic range. The Central Station will automatically detect and lock to the sampling rate of the source device.

You can audition these sources with up to three pairs of speakers, with individual trim pots for each speaker. You also get two screaming-loud headphone amplifiers with individual level controls. If two sets of cans aren’t enough, simply connect the line-level cue outputs to a headphone distribution system—say, a PreSonus® HP2, HP4, or HP60. And because Central Station is a 1U rack-mount device, with only one multi-conductor cable running to the remote control on your desktop, all of the cabling is in the back of your rack, where it belongs.

Pure, audiophile-quality sound.

The pros know that for critical listening, a monitor-control system must be as sonically transparent as possible. That's why we gave the Central Station an audiophile-quality, passive signal path, with no op-amps or ICs, and we equipped the S/PDIF inputs with high-definition, 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A converters.

The Central Station uses the highest-quality passive components, including military-grade, 1% tolerance, metal-film resistors; multi-element potentiometers; and durable connectors to deliver the highest sonic performance. This ensures the most transparent signal path and maximizes dynamic range, frequency response, and headroom while minimizing noise and coloration.

A wealth of features gives you a complete monitoring solution.

We've included plenty of extras to make your studio work easy and efficient. Talk to the musicians over the headphone and cue buses using the onboard talkback microphone or connect a dynamic mic to the XLR talkback input. Use a footswitch for hands-free talkback operation. A Mono switch sums the stereo source so you can check for phase problems, and Dim and Mute switches let you reduce or mute the speaker outputs without changing the referenced position on your main level knob. To top it off, the included CSR-1 remote control lets you manage it all from your desktop.

With its combination of I/O, audio quality, and features, it's no surprise that the Central Station PLUS is indeed the professional's choice for monitor control.



l       三对立体声模拟输入可以让你在声源间任意切换

l       两套S/PDIF数字输入(同轴电缆和光纤电缆)

l       三套立体声扬声器输出包括:

n         扬声器选择开关

n         每个扬声器开关都有电平控制功能

l       提示监听部分包括:

n         输入选择开关

n         输出电平控制

l       主控部分包括:

n         输入选择开关

n         辅助输入电平控制

n         输出电平控制

n         静音、减淡(-20dB)及单声道开关

l       两个耳机输入输出,每一个都包括:

n         双功能音量控制

n         主输入开关和提示开关

l       被动式音频通道:音频通道中无功率放大器或IC

l       对讲麦克风输入带电平控制(满足耳机和提示监听输出)

l       双30音段,速效峰值保持LED信号电平监测表(dBu和dBf)包括:

n         清除峰值开关

n         校准,以满足音频工作站或其它音频设备

l       脚踏开关接口用于控制对讲,解放双手

l       通过自选Central Station控制进行远程控制(CSR-1)


输入/ 输出

l       四个平衡1/4" 模拟线性输入(2对,分左右)

l       两个非平衡RCA模拟线性输入(1对,分左右)

l       1个立体声S/PDIF光纤数字输入(TOSLINK)

l       1个立体声S/PDIF同轴电缆数字输入(RCA)

l       6个平衡1/4",线路输出(3对,分左右),备用,被动音量控制

l       2个平衡1/4",线路主输出(1对,分左右),拥有音量控制和声源选择

l       2个平衡1/4",线路和提示输出(1对,分左右),拥有音量控制和声源选择

l       2个立体声1/4" 耳机插口w/双功能(w/dual-function)音量控制及主副(主、提示)输入开关

l       可选的远程控制台(CSR-1)1DB15端口


l       S/PDIF同轴、光纤数字输入

l       高解晰度,24bit/192kHz数字音频转换器(115dBu动态范围)


l       1U19" 机架,坚固的钢制底盘

l       密封,金属旋钮

l       外接交流电源供给



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